Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Mummy

I grew up loving Universal Monsters, the atmosphere was perfect, black & white, gothic vibes, short & simple yet smart stories. The Mummy was one of the best, loved them and the other Universal Mummy flicks as well as the Hammer series. Then when i was 11, i saw the Stephen Sommers film with Brendan Fraser, and i thought it was awesome, as was the sequel. When Universal announced a Dark Universe/shared universe with all their monsters, i was hesitant. It made sense, but it felt forced as trying to copy Marvel, would the latest Wolf Man be involved? Nope. Would the Sommers series be involved? Nope. We are getting all new flicks, with Russell Crowe as Jekyll & Hyde, in what i assume to be the Nick Fury role bringing the monsters together. The film is being torn apart and i assumed rightfully so, the first trailer looked awful, the second one was better but i figured would still be crap. Upon watching it, what the fuck, i had a blast! This was one fun flick, fast paced, well humored, cool effects, The Tom Cruise/Jake Johnson dynamic seemed inspired by American Werewolf In London, and their chemistry worked. I know alot are weary of the series, but if they are even half as fun as this one, then i will be pleased!

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