Thursday, June 1, 2017

Alien Franchise Ranked

It has been two weeks since Alien Covenant came out, i waited to do a blog piece on it until i rewatched all the films, sans the AVP flicks.

1. Alien
John Landis said it best, the film is gothic horror, except switch out the castle for a space craft. It is still easily the best sci fi/horror genre bender you can find, the build up is very tense, the performances are great, and it is just an all around great film.

2. Aliens
Take Alien, up the ante by adding more, and put it more in a sci fi/action mode, you get Aliens, a tad more quotable, but doesn't quite pack the punch of the first, it is close, by like a knuckle.

3. Covenant
This film was great, i especially love the double red herrings with David/Walter at the end, and the end was so bleak it set up the final in the prequel trilogy to be amazing.

4. Prometheus
Fuck the haters, this was ALien trying to be different, and it was, and it worked for me.

5. Alien 3
This film could have had a industrial rock score, it looks filthy, it looks like a film of the time, it resembles the crow, i love the feel of it, and the ending closed it tremendously.

 6. Resurrection.
A lot hate this & the third one, i dig em, it looks like a comic, and it is weird. A crew of villains, a clone, okay, the clone is contrived, but fuck it, films have been milked for worse reasons. All i want now, is one that takes place after this, just a planet full of Xenemorphs, and non stop, balls to the wall action.

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