Thursday, June 22, 2017

DDP Positively Living

Growing up, my favorite WCW guy was Sting, then during the Monday Night Wars it became DDP & Chris Jericho. DDP to me was WCW's Steve Austin, similar finisher, badass, cigar(instead of beer) dude was the shit. When he came to WWE I was super let down, I wanted him vs Austin, I wanted him vs Taker with out the stalked angle, I wanted him vs HHH, Tazz(shut up), Jericho, Benoit, Eddie, Angle, RVD, Edge. We got him & Christian, but he was pretty much midcard the entire time. His dvd shows this guy that has dyslexia, turning to sports and nightclubs, knowing he belonged as a rock star in wrestling, becoming an announcer, a manager and being larger than life for both positions. The midcard wcw wrestler became a main eventer, he became a champion. More than that he is a champion in life, the dude has saved lives and is so damn humble about everything. Thank you Diamond Dallas Page! FEEL THE BANG!

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