Sunday, June 11, 2017


The best way to describe Raw, well it is 3 hours of fantastic athletes in pre determined combat....oh wait, never mind, wrong Raw. Best way to describe the film Raw, is May meets Salo, with hints of Hannibal, through a coming of age filter. The film is not the most shocking film, like many claim it to be, but it does show quite a bit of gross out gore moments. Eating raw body parts of animals, eating fingers, eating brains, eating while making out, eating your self while fucking, eating cadavers, fighting and eating at the same time. Some of it can seem humorous, not because it is funny, but because alot of it is cringe worthy, moments such at infected skin being stuck on wax, that did it for me. I didn't love it, but I would definitely recommend it to people to watch. Normies may be too grossed out, or not be able to handle to subtitles, but even the cool cats might get a shock or a cringe, it has some balls, i dug it!

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