Thursday, June 1, 2017

Wonder Woman

I really liked Man of Steel, and i did not hate Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad doesn't age well upon viewings. All three atleast let the directors take charge and put a vision on them, they look like comics, they just need better scripts. Enter Wonder Woman, easily DC's most cohesive and coherent film yet. Unlike BvS & Suicide Squad, the script is not a cluster, the story plays out really well. The film could indeed use trimming here or there, but it looks great and the film is highly enjoyable. Chris Pine is fantastic, as soon as he entered, the film took off. Gal Gadot, should shut up the haters after this flick, she nails it, the fish out of water scenarios are funny, but not in a hilarious sort of way, they are subtle, and they are well executed. The team they recruit to help take down the Germans are perfect in their roles as the ragtag men on a on a mission, the woman rules in it, there is something satisfying about watching a hot badass going around kicking ass in a poetic way. The villains are actual villains, and each get there own fair share amount of screen time. I hope for the best when it comes to DC, but i fear they may end up being cluster fucks, even if they do, atleast they will have this as their diamond!

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