Thursday, June 8, 2017

It Comes At Night *Spoilers*

A24 puts out some interesting films, and a lot of times, their trailers are amazing but the films do not live up, American Honey for instance is one of them, as is, It Comes At Night. The film is well made, well written, and well acted, however there is no pay off. Basically their son infects everyone through his sleep walking, he comes at night, so to speak. He sleep walks, gets infected, inflects everyone else, everyone blames each other, everyone kills each other, he leaves/dies/whatever, end of film. Like everything about the film, is great, except for the ending, the film's main moments, are in the trailer, the film has great build up, super tense & anxiety driven, but it is blue balls, you get jacked off but are not allowed to cum. Give us something, anything, hell, i don't need an explanation for the infection, but either show us a monster/killer or give us a satisfying ending, instead of one that just sort of end, oh, our son is infected, let us move on. I like the bleakness but here is felt a tad pretentious, it is as if some hipster saw his nerdy brother watching Cabin Fever and said he was going to make a art house version, that is all there is to it. It is worth seeing, but much like the Witch, it is a let down.

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