Monday, June 5, 2017


Wow, so in 2004 Lost changed my life, i have watched the entire series though over 10 times, i love it, Damon Lindelof ran a show that made me cry, i stuck with the show in all of its weirdness. Weirdness that went away in 2010, but then 4 years later, he brought a gift to HBO, the Leftovers. flawed characters, fucked up situations, riveting storytelling, then came season 2 and it went bonkers! How would it end? Well i was part correct, our character's families vanished but to their families, our characters vanished. I wish we would have seen the other world but how it ended, jumping in years, was great, it was poetic and it was touching. The episode before the finale could have been the finale, and the finale we got, was like a bonus. The season was super weird, super sexual, super broken, and it made the characters stronger. Some had their dreams & goals crushed, others had roadblocks. On Lost, Sayid went home, got married but in the end his heart belonged to Shannon,  folks found each other, on here, Nora went to the other world, found her husband, yet in the end, her heart belonged to Kevin, in both instances their reasons were not in their own hands, yet life found a way, on Lost it was their souls, here it was longing and refusal to give up. On Lost Jack & Locke argued over fate & the unknown, much as Laurie & Matt did here, plenty of parallels yet the show was its own beast. I will miss this show, yet it ended when it was still great!

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