Thursday, April 1, 2010

Film News Roundup: Ugh Vertigo
WTF? OK, i love Clooney, and i've enjoyed Reitman's work(even though Juno is horrendously overrated). But you don't fuck with the cock, Hitchcock, do not do it. No Jury, No Trial, Straight to Execution! I mean i doubt they'll fuck it up, but it's not needed, Reitman, you're smart, don't try to improve art. Ant Man
Ant Man is a fun lil comic, and as i've stated before, i LOVE Edgar Wright, i really don't wanna see him go studio, even though Scott Pilgrim was but i don't wanna see him become a STUDIO guy. Then there is Pixar, i'll admit i enjoyed the shit out of Up, but as far as CGI toons go, i prefer classic animation. I trust Wright, i mean it's not like he can fuck up Ant Man that bad anyhow, but as long as he does a Wes Anderson, and you can see his stamp all over the film(Mr. Fox) then i'll dig it. Hangover 2
Unneeded sequel, but it'll be fun, the first was a monster at the box office, but it's liek the article says, trying to capture lighting in a bottle twice, wish em the best of luck! Hoover
No not the character from Animal House! Really the main reason i posted this is to mention Clue, if you've seen Clue, you'll get that joke! Harold & Kumar
FUCK YES, FUCK YES, FUCK YES! CGI? Fuck no, who cares it's Harold & Kumar.

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