Wednesday, November 16, 2016

AHS Roanoke

The first season of this series was great, the second tried too hard to both please critics & geeks, the third, seemed to find its stride, the fourth became post modern, the fifth was lazy, the awful. Sure there were some cool moments in  the gore department, and the concept was kinda cool, at first, but got dull quick, then they do a twist midway through, and i thought, here we go, this is going to rock, nope, more dullness. The show needs to embrace the sex & violence more, keep it in the 10 episode limit that it is at, but quit trying to be more artsy than you are. Your characters are flawed, fuck ups, embrace that, don't be afraid to be trash, embrace it, run with it, i want to love this show, but hate this season. Also with all the hype and fake videos throwing people off as to the plot, that was stupid, i get it if this was the final season, which it was supposed to be, but it is coming back, luckily fusing the only 2 good seasons. The finale atleast embraced a bit of camp and fun, something the show lacks, which is fine if that is what you are going for, but the show aims for camp but never delivers. I would say the finale was the best episode since the premier of Hotel. I loved how it was left open ended.

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