Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tarzan & Ben Hur

We have had Hercules, well two of them, we have had Pompeii, hell we even had Centurion, all of these flicks are supposed to be epic of sorts, whether they be fictional or historic, larger than life, however, none have worked, and neither did Tarzan or Ben Hur. For Ben Hur you have the historic epic original, and this new one did nothing, it was mainly a overbloated bland blockbuster that cost too much, didn't have heart and didn't have support of the studio or fan fare, and it shows. No one wanted this flick, it was unneeded and felt rushed, watching it is a task. Same goes for Tarzan, the classic character of a simpler time, had a great cast, decent promise but felt just like another studio rush job to get a tentpole project off the ground. The thing is, unlike the 90s when we got flicks like these, they were done with out auteurs, but now we have plenty, and we are still churning them out to make a quick buck.

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