Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hacksaw Ridge

I thought the trailer for this film looked good, but it looked sappy. I think Mel Gibson is a fine director, but I don't love any of his films, The first part of Hacksaw Ridge is indeed somewhat sappy, Andrew Garfield is rather creepy, almost to a point where i was turned off by the film, the religious subtext was a little on the nose. Hugo Weaving being the veteran that opposed his kids joining the army yet as a drunken abusive ass, came across a little conflicted at first, but it worked out in the end, well midway through. As far as the end goes, or more or less the second half, holy shit! I wasn't expecting the film to be that gory. It was intense, it was bloody, the effects were fantastic, it makes you feel for the characters more than i figured i would have at the start of the film. In fact the film was better than i thought it would be, the first hour is still spotty but that last half is great!

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