Thursday, November 3, 2016

Doctor Strange

Thank fuck! Thank fucking fuck! Thank fucking fuckity fuck! 2015 had a so so Age of Ultron, a better than expected yet still forgettable Ant Man, 2016 has had a so so Civil War, in these years we have gotten a so so Ghost Rider, a great villain on Jessica Jones, a boring Luke Cage...with the only bright spot really being Daredevil. Now the films can rejoice, now I don't know where i would place this film, yet...however, it was a fucking blast. Benedict Cumberbatch  is great as Stephen Strange, the visuals are great, and it had underlining messages of the human mind, and some that hit close to home about arrogance & success. The villain was your typical Marvel villain, not much to write home about, but gets the job done. It sets up 3 films perfectly, Doctor Strange 2 is set up with the new villain in the post credit stinger, Thor 3 is set up at one point, and Avengers 3 is also set up. This was a damn near perfect blockbuster!This is one of Marvels most visual films, if not their most visual, and the ideas spoke in the flick are perfect for a psychobable peep like myself! Easily the most enjoyable comic film of the year, and yeah, the most enjoyable blockbuster of the year too.

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