Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Damn, i was not expecting this flick to be this good. I had read good things and buddies enjoyed it, plus i am a David Bruckner fan, not to mention Larry Fessenden is attached to it and he chooses wisely, so i thought it would be good, just not like this. Anthology horror is tough these days, for every Trick R Treat we get 2 Holidays. This film is about a fucked up town, the first story is a cool segment of guys stuck in a loop with these demons following them. Those demons follow some girls that stayed at the same hotel as the leads in the first. The girls are taken in by a cult, after an escape there is an accident, which leads us to the third segment, in which we see the town be monitored. That bleeds through to the fourth, and we get more hints that time doesn't matter and that this town is not to be found, and that characters actions make them come here, some deserve to be here. The fifth goes back to the hotel, and also shows us that time, is indeed a loop here,  this is hell! It is easily the most unnerving. The first is probably my favorite segment, followed by the second, then the third, fifth & the fourth, none are weak, all are compelling and suspenseful, the narrative flows together nicely and the score is pretty damn cool! This isn't fun horror, it is bleak, but bleakness & mean spirited horror is refreshing from time to time. This year has had a few bleak horror flicks, and this one is one of the better ones, more so than the wider theatrical released films.

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