Saturday, November 26, 2016

Bad Santa 2

Anchorman is brilliant, everyone hated the sequel, I dug it, not on par with the first, but i dug it. Zoolander is brilliant, everyone hated the sequel, i dug it, probably wont watch it again, but dug it. Bad Santa is brilliant, everyone is hating the sequel, i dug it. It is still a dark comedy, but it tries to be a bit more of a broad comedy this time, Billy Bob still runs with the role but he comes across a tad more idiotic and less witty this time around. Not every joke works but it is a fun flick, it will not be considered a classic like the first one, but it still has the charm of the first. I went in with lower expectations due to reviews but glad i did, as it helped, comedy sequels are tough, but go easy on em, have fun and enjoy a movie for what it is, Billy Bob being un pc, drinking, fighting & fucking.

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