Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bleed For This

We are starting to get quite a few boxing films these days, Southpaw which was highly underrated, Creed which was great, now we have another that fite the mold with Southpaw, Bleed For This. it is not a perfect film, but hell, most boxing films outside of Raging Bull aren't. Miles Teller yet again plays a cocky prick but one that gains a heart along the way. It is a perfect set up for a boxing film, hot shot boxer is told he can't box again after near death, trains and fights his way to the top. Teller is an underrated actor, sure he got praise for Whiplash, but that is about it. Personally i think the dude is great, with this and War Dogs, another overlooked film, he keeps showing how great he will be!

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