Friday, November 18, 2016

Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

I hated the first two Harry Potter flicks, but saw the third because i loved Alfonzo Cuaron's Children of Men, and i wound up thinking it was awesome. I no longer hate the first two, but they lack compared to the others for sure, not as dark, but still fun. Now I was going in to the prequel  with open expectations, I wasn't stoked, but i thought it looked good. It was, in fact, i liked it better than most of the originals. Eddie Redmayne played the perfect outcast, even in the wizarding world, Katherine Waterson was great as the straight laced Wizard Cop, Dan Foggler was perfect in his role, stealing his scenes, especially the scenes with Alison Sudol Ezra Miller was going all We Need to Talk About Kevin but in a Wallflower sort of way, Colin Farrell showed again why he is underrated as fuck The flick is fun, it is an adventure, and is a great blockbuster, and perfect for this time of year. There weren't any slow parts either, which is a problem the originals had, pacing, this one is fast paced and balanced humor & darkness well. I wish it had shown a bit more of the beasts and the suitcase, but we are getting sequels, so i will gladly wait. I liked how the film had shades of grey, both in the wizarding world politics of how they treat our leads, but also in terms of who is the main villain, because honestly there can be more than one viewpoint. It shows Farrell as the antagonist, then in a better light, then as the antagonist, then once more in a better light making a truce. The end sets up the future of the series in a good way, plus it tied up lose ends that needed to happen.

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