Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mr. Right

This is a film that had a fun premise, and a trailer that looked okay, add on Max Landis and it is a mixed bag. For those writing it off, don't, watch it, it is a ton of fun. Sam Rockwell oozes charisma in it, even if it is a creepy form of charisma, Anna Kendrick is adorable, and in a cute psychotic sort of way. The film is pretty damn funny too, funnier than i was expecting. The shoot outs are well done, and Paco Cabezas blends the action & humor together well. This is not a perfect film, but it is a fun film. I am sure it will pop up on Netflix soon or even be at Big Lots for $3 in a year, and i would pick it up that way. Super fast pace, violence, humor, Anna Kendrick & Sam Rockwell rocking chemistry, Tim Roth in a cool role, Anna Kendrick being cute, Anna Kendrick, what more could you want? Also the way Sam Rockwell talks to the guys trying to kill him, pure gold!

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