Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Phantasm Ravager

So i love the Phantasm series, LOVE it, i had this as my most anticipated of the year....then the theatrical screenings in my area got canceled, then again, then again, so i watched it on Youtube, and it is a cluster fuck. It first feels like a fan film, well the first timeline does, the one with the character of Dawn, Reggie on the run. The second, the hospital time line feels like Don Coscarelli, it feels a bit like Bubba HoTep. The third, feels like a 90s flick that got its budget cut and then went straight to video. Now, why are there three? Are they pulling a LOST? Is his mind split? Did one of these happen, and one is going to happen? I would love for Don to host a tell all, and explain the series film by film. With all that said, i had a fun time with this!

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