Thursday, November 24, 2016

Don't Think Twice

Mike Birbiglia is one of the best stand up comedians out there today. His first feature film, Sleep Walk With Me, was charming with tons of heart, i was hoping he would make a follow up soon. It took four years, but that is okay, i would rather have him take four years as opposed to two as long as the quality is there. Don't Think Twice is a great film about a group of Improv performers  in New York. Birbiglia is the heart, the one that wants to hit the next level, but doesn't want to sell out, Keegan Michael Key is the one that gets the shot on Weekend Live *cough*SNL*cough*, Key's girlfriend is Gillian Jacobs, and she could achieve the Live show aswell, but she too feels her heart is at their small Improv group. Tami Sagher is the trust fund baby that still gets unemployment and still lucks out getting writing gigs, Kate Micucci is the comic book writer and most quit of the bunch, i wish they had shown more of her. A lot of the film's heart comes from Chris Gethard, whose dad is in a bad accident and occasionally brings the team together. The film shows how friends need to let their friends do their own things, whether that be letting them stay in their comfort zone or encouraging them to reach higher. There is backstabbing, stealing & lying, but your friends can be your family so show love. Breaking into comedy is tough, i have tried, so i love shit like this, this is the film that Funny People should have been, and i said the same thing about Sleep Walk With Me., Birbligia has passion and heart and his films show case what he loves.

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