Sunday, November 20, 2016


We have now had two great films in 2016 featuring Nazis, Green Room, my favorite film of 2016 and now this. Imperium is yet again another great debut feature, so that alone should inspire us filmmakers. Daniel Radcliffe again shows how great his post Harry Potter career is, Swiss Army Man is one of my favorites of the year, and this here is some of his best acting. I love horror films, but i don't watch horror to feel fear, i watch them, cause i love cinema. I love all forms of cinema, now this here is not a film i will watch over & over again, it is great but it is not fun, but some film you can rewatch with out them being "fun", this here, makes your heart race, why? Because it is scary, this here is scarier than a horror film. This is real life, and this is the now, this film is highly important in our current climate, we are getting Nazi graffiti in schools, KKK & Nazi support for Presidential candidates, race wars, discrimination, the next four years will be terrifying, and this film showcases how hateful the world can be. It might now show full on attacks but the cold, calculating way the characters talk about others, plot against others & look at others is unreal, so unreal it is real, and sadly, it is real. When Radcliffe enters these facilities you fear for him, the paranoia is there, you feel as if you were in his shoes that you would be jumped or killed right away. These things happen, in our own "safe" cities, in our own "safe" neighborhoods. They will act charming, they can be intelligent, and be cultured, but their views are so skewed that if you were to have a conversation, your heart would race, and mine did the entire film. Great acting, great storytelling, a great film, a scary film, an important film, a film that many should see, i hope it finds an audience on netflix!

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