Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Luke Cage

The MCU is great, it is, i mean, from Iron Man to Doctor Strange, we have had great films, sure the past couple of years have been rough post Guardians, but Strange fixed all that. Now DC, i love their shit too, but they were stupid not to connect their series, something Marvel did do. Look how awesome Daredevil was, especially the second season. Look at Jessica Jones, i mean Killgrave was awesome. Those shows had interesting leads, and even more interesting & charismatic antagonist....Luke Cage, didn't. Now Marvel has had dull villains before, but this one takes the cake, as a matter of fact, the whole show was dull, it was boring, it was AWFUL, i down right fucking hated this series. Folks say DC is boring, fuck that, they are interesting, they just need better scripts. Folks love the fun factor of Marvel, the shows aren't that fun, they are good but not "fun" in a light way. You look at Luke Cage next to Doctor Strange and would not guess they were in the same universe, i like that, i get it, but it makes folks that say DC is lacking of fun to be hypocrites. This was a struggle to get through, i love the comic, hell i have a Luke Cage figure in my room, but the show didn't resemble it, it felt like a crappy flick netflix saw at a festival & decided to release. It felt like a shitty screener with a budget. Most Netflix series i finish with in a week or so, maybe 2 tops, this took me almost 2 months. I wanted more of a 70s vibe, and i decided to not watch a second season, if i am lost in an Infinity War joke, so be it, at least i didn't waste my time watching a show that felt like a 00's single shot series. I am still stoked for the Defenders, i just hope Luke Cage get more to do. His fight scenes were cool, but holy hell, did i not care about anyone other than him & Claire, and she was just there, not as good as her Daredevil run,. Mike Colter is good, but give him more to work with, and embrace the comic!

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