Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Minds Eye

A couple years ago Joe Begos brought us a different kind of alien film, now he is bringing us a psychokinetic horror sci fi hybrd that is if not better atleast on par with his first film. Both are amazingly shot and well scored, i think this one is finer tuned with how it looks, plus the score sounds like Carpenter, so i am always eating that shit up! When it started, it flt like a short, but it did not over stay its welcome, it moved into a nice feature film. I am glad it is a feature & not a shirt, as the story unfolds, there is more & more to like. Each frame oozes style, and you can tell this is a passion project. Begos in someone to watch, and it is inspiring that new faces are making an impact these days, even if in a niche field.  The build up to the end shows he is a student of the game, as the climax is worth it, and fits at home in the 80's , but not in a faux way like so many films are these days, it feels pure & genuine.

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