Thursday, November 24, 2016


First, i am not  a huge Jared Hess fan, i like his stuff but i don't love any of them. Napoleon Dynamite is fun sure, but it falls victim of overhype, it is not the indie comedy to end all indie comedies. Nacho Libre i should have loved dealing with wrestling but it felt too sophomoric, with the fart jokes, i blame Nickelodeon. The Gentleman Broncos is my favorite of his, fun underrated flick, i never Don Verdean, but i decided to watch Masterminds for two reasons. One, i wanted to see why it was shelved for a long time, and i don't know why. Sure it is not a good film, but in a fun Comedy Central afternoon type of flick. The second reason, Jason Sudeikis,  the dude looked like he was going to steal to show in this, and he fucking did. The dude is great in almost everything he does, and is fantastic here! I just wish the rest of the cast was as good as he is, i mean they are their basic talents, but Jason outshines all easily. I wish the script was better, even though his lines are great, mainly due to his deliveries. I wish the film was a little better so more critics would appreciate his greatness. The film is worth a watch for sure, as it is not boring, it is quite entertaining, it just is a basic run of  the mill comedy, no reason to get as much hate as it has, especially with Sudeikis killing it!

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