Saturday, April 24, 2010

Clash of the Titans

I was against the remake of Clash since it was announced, i'm a fan of the original and love Ray Harryhausen and love stop motion animation, but i have to admit, i had fun watching the cgi filled remake, and in 3-d none the less. Now i've read alot of reports saying the 3-d looks horrible in the film, which i don't agree with, mainly because there wasn't a whole lot of it. It was done in post production so it was needed in the first place.

The story is jumbled but so was the originals, the cast is solid, so was the originals, but the original seemed to have the greek mythology down better, even though the remake brings a bit more gods in to play. The original had alot better character development too, but the remake was a fun adventure flick.

The remake follows Perseus(sam Worthington) who was born of a quuen & a god. The god in question is Zeus(Liam Neeson) who seems very facist in the film. Hades(Ralf Fieness) the borther of Zeus had killed Perseus family who found him as an infant. He swears revence & has to stop Hades, this includes slaying lobsters, medusa & the kraken. He lacks the love of the original and seems cold & distance without his family, which is actually very understandable, as i'm sure i'd feel the same way had my family been killed. Would i buy the dvd like i would a Harryhausen flick? No, but would a rewatch the film, yes yes i would, which is more than i can say for 300, which put me to sleep twice.

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  1. Glad to see a good review on this one, but I am still standing pat on watching this one at home.