Friday, April 2, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine

I've seen the funniest film since Anchorman, well time will tell with repeated viewings, but currently i'm on a HTTM high.

The film starts with a montage of people in hot tubs & what not, then introduces us to Nick(Craig Robinson) at his vet job where he pulls items out of dog's asses. We then see Adam(John Cusack) getting home and finding most of his shit was taken by his girlfriend, his nephew, Jacob(Clark Duke), lives in his basement and is always playing Second Life. Meanwhile Lou(Rob Corddry) is drunk in his car, garage down, with the car turned on, windows down. Obviously he winds up in the hospital, so Adam & Nick go to visit him & together make plan's to return to their old stomping grounds, a ski resort.

The three friends along with Jacob find the place has gone down hill & is run down, but they get drunk & wind up, in a hot tub, a hot tub that is get this....a mother fucking time machine! I kid you not, if you don't beleive me, just look at the title of the film.

While back in time they run in to old enemies, old girlfriends, sisters/moms, a new interests. Nick had found out his wife had cheated on him & is dwelling in the past(literally), while returning to his old passion, being a singer. Adam wants to break up with his old girlfriend(Lyndsy Fonseca) and meets a free spirit in April(Lizzy Caplan, who was awesome on True Blood btw). Jacob is worried he;ll never exist, and Lou is trying to avoid getting his ass kicked.

The film features great small roles from Chevy Chase & the always awesome Crispin Glover. But the film does a great job of developing the main characters. Some lives are altered, some new bonds are made & some(one) stays in the past. It's an ubber hilarious flick that you should all check out!

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