Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Landlord

While starting the Landlord i rolled my eyes in the first scene, thinking it was the Room of horror films, but while the Room is an amazing bad movie, The Landlord is not that bad, i had a fun time watching it. It's well shot, the acting is soso but it is what it is, a fun horror flick.

Film revolves around Tyler, a landlord whoes tenants get killed and eaten by demons, unfortunately a possible love interest moves in who has a pretty odd scene earlier at a motel with gun packing counter jockeys, junkies, & continental breaskfasts.

His sister is a crooked cop of sorts who cheats on her husband & works with creatures with fangs. Tyler in the end needs to save the day, he goes to mystical shops, does sermons, and opens a gate to hell. IT's a fun film with bad cgi, funny moments and a very likeable lead. it kind of reminded me of that t.v. show Reaper. Check it out.

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