Saturday, April 24, 2010

Film News Round Up 4-24-10 Genghis Khan
This is gonna involve a phone booth time machine right? Untitled Sacha Baron Cohen flick
Time will tell on this one as i'm not too giddy on the pitch. Green Hornet
I've been awaiting this film for a while, since KEvins Smith had the reigns, but now it too is getting the 3d treatment, why? No need for it, it's not liek it'll be f/x driven, well i'm sure it will have f/x just not Spider man like ones. THIS IS THE END, MY ONLY FRIEND THE END. Ninety
Holy fuck balls, wither this will be gore for the sake of gore, or a brilliant concept film, no other way around it besides those two. Regan
I own the spider walk NECA figure, but this one is all kinds of awesome. Red Riding Hood
I truly had no interest in this film until i read Gary Oldman will be involved. One of my favorite actors, a chameleon, i'll watch anything with him in it. Escape From NY
Carpenter is very near & dear to my heart, i'm opposed to remakes, i semi enjoyed the Assault of Precinct 13 remake in theaters, but not with a second viewing, Halloween i'm not huge on but didn't hate as much as everyone else did. The FOg was HORRIBLE, don't fuck with JC okay! As for the director, meh, Crazies was fun but nothing memorable, he's also got his hands in Flash Gordon, fml. ALEIN prequel
Let your geek boners free, i think we have a winner!

Might wanna trip out for this one...well maybe.

FINALLY! I've been awaiting this trailer for a while, personally i think it looks pretty good, i'll sit back and enjoy the flick when it comes out, very cool concept.

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