Saturday, April 3, 2010


Noah Baumbach is good at what he does, putting flawed characters in the spot light, as seen in The Squid & THe Whale and Margot At The Wedding. Greenberg, may be his best, from a story by himself and Margot's Jennifer Jason Leigh(who looks just as good now w days btw).

The story revolves around Roger Greenberg(Ben Stiller) & Florence(House of the Devil's Gretna Gerwig). Florence works for Roger's brother who is on vacation with his family, so Roger lives at the house while they're away & builds a dog house for them. Roger is a carpenter but really wants to do nothing, he also was recently released from a hospital from a nervous breakdown. He attempts to rekindle is old relation with Beth(Jennifer Jason Leigh) and hang out with his best friend/ex band mate Ivan(Rhys Ifans). After meeting Florence, he decides to ask her out, the two quickly begin to make out and Roger performs the best thing on earth, to Florence. She doesn't wanna go to fast since she recently got out of a relationship, and doesn't want Roger to be a quick fuck like a dude she met at an art gallery. Roger seems to be bipolar as one moment will be very nice, and then next will lash out over the slightest gesture he doesn't like, while Florence seems to drink & fuck away her time(nothing wrong with that btw).

Roger tries to keep things smooth with Florence, get's shot down by Beth & has a strong bond with Ivan, even though the two argue you can tell they care for each other. Roger & Florence both try to keep the family dog's health in check as he's been sick.

After a party with his sister in law's sister, Roger has to decide whether to go to Australia with her or stay in L.A. with Florence, ultimately he stays & Florence listens to a voice mail he left, we are left to decide what happens after.

Great film Noah's best film wise & his best written, alot of people are saying how hateable Roger is, but i liked him sure he may be odd(so am i) and sure he may have mood swings but deep down he's a good guy. Speaking of Roger, Ben Stiller is damn good in the film, it's a classic Ben Stiller role, one we seem to see him play alot, uptight, germophobic, ect, ect...but while watching it, you forget it's Ben Stiller. Rest of the cast is solid & features some good music.


  1. Very polarizing movie it seems. My colleague just wrote a review for it and he almost walked out on it!

    Also, welcome to LAMB!

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