Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Film News Roundup

Awesome fucking poster, can't wait to see the documentary! Cowboys& Aliens
Skimmed through an issue but haven't read an issue, but Harrison being in a cool sounding flick again is good news for me! Cheaters
Not sure if this will interest anyone but i think it sounds interesting, not a huge fan of Ron Howards films, want him to return to his Grand Theft Auto roots myself!

Looks kinds funny, one viewing kind of funny that is. Rites of Spring
Heard about the film yesterday, now today i see AJ Bowen will be in it, AJ has become a favorite actor of mine, and i one day wish to cast him in a film of my own! Walking Dead
Not really familiar with the actor, i just don't want the character to be fucked up, but as i said, people cast on ensemble shows these days are usually pretty hard working. Toxic Avenger
The series has run it's course, but i still am against remakes, however this might be interesting if they get the right writers & director. Just as long as it's not completely studioised. Apes prequel
Could really care less, i love the franchise but hated Burton's remake. Tron 3
First one wasn't really a success upon release, but i loved it, the second one is packed with CGI but still looks like it'll be good. A third, hmm time will tell. Fright Night
I really like Anton Yelchin, liked Alpha Dog, Charlie Bartlette, and Star Trek, and from the sounds of things, the Fright Night remake might be pretty awesome, not sure if it'll be as awesome as the original but still has sounded promising. The Thing prequel
I LOVE Carpenter, i love The Thing, i really LIKE Mary Elisabeth Winstead, so i'm kinda looking forward to seeing this!

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  1. No way!! I have to see that!! Troll 2 is hilariously amazing!