Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Losers

I had read a few issues of the old Losers back in the day, but i'm pretty familiar wit hthe relaunch from a few years ago. I wouldn't call myself an ubber fan like i am of say Scott Pilgrim or Preacher, but i enjoy the series. When i read a film was being made i thought 1) Every comic property is being made & 2) atleast it's better than a remake of a film. Well it was better than seeing another remake, and i kinda like seeing odd comic films being adapted.

The Losers is fairly close to the comic, sure it starts off differently and Aisha was alot more civilized in the film. The cast is solid, especially Chris Evans, who once upon a time i wasn't too fond of him mainly cause of the Fantastic 4, as a matter of fact my uncle cowrote a short film of mine a few years ago & named a character Chris Evans, fully unaware of the actor. I hated the Fantastic 4 movies, but i had a guilty pleasure in Not Another Teen Movie, but it was Sunshine that i decided the dude could do a good film too, then i was intrigued when he was placed in the cast for Scott Pilgrim, after seeing The Losers, i am excited he is gonna play Steve Rogers.

A group of soldiers are double crossed over seas, thought to be dead they meet Aisa(Zoe Saldana) who is gonna help them get revenge on the man who attempted to kill them, Max(Jason, motha fuckin Patrick). The film is full of double crosses, explosions, gun fights & humor. Is it as good as Kick Ass? No, is it as entertaining? No, is it a good companion to Scott Pilgrim, Iron Man 2 & Kick Ass? Yes. Is it a good companion to The A-Team & The Expendables? Fuck if i know, they aren't released yet.

I do recomend the film though as it was fun especially hearing Journey throughout the film.

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