Friday, April 30, 2010

Cop Out

I finally got around to seeing Cop Out, i love Kevin Smith, i even enjoyed Jersey Girl, but most of all i love his Universe, meaning the Askewniverse, Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back & CLerks 2. I highly enjoyed Zach & Mirri but still prefer his Askewniverse flicks.

When i learned he was doing a studio film, a studio film he didn't write, i was disappointed but i still was looking forward to it. Then i saw the god awful trailers, and read the horrid reviews, i didn't care, for fuck sakes i love The Room so naturally i can enjoy a bad movie right? Wrong. Where as the Room, Plan 9 & Troll 2 are all so bad they're good, in the Rooms case so bad it is AMAZING, COp Out is just a bad movie. I'll admit i laughed once or twice, but this thing sucked, i mean it makes Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 look like North By Northwest.

It stars Bruce Willis & Tracy Morgan as A Couple Of Dicks(the working title), or cops if you will, who while chasing a drug dealer, get caught up in a situation that winds up on youtube. The two get suspended from work and find their personal lives are pretty fucked too, Jimmy(Bruce) has to pay for his daughters over priced wedding & Paul(Tracy) thinks his wife is cheating on him. Kimmy tries to sell his valuable baseball card but is robbed by Dave(sean William Scott). He in turn sells it to the drug runners. Jimmy & Paul then do some police brutality(by driving really slow dragging Dave, horrid, horrid scene), then get caught up with the drug kingpin Poyboy(Guillermo Diaz). I can't recall the entire film cause it was so mind numbing, the film is possibly the worst edited film i have ever scene, the jokes are so retarded, the characters and even more so retarded, how Tracy Morgan's character became a cop is anyones guess, much less any job. Kevin Smith admits he's not the best director, he does single static shots, it's his style & it works for him. Sure Dogma had some very well shot action scenes but atleast his heart was in it. Sure Clerks 2 had some choreographed scenes that looked great, but his soul was in it. sure Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back is just a stoner flick but it is so much more, because his mind was in it. Cop Out is an embarrassment, it is a slap in the face & makes me very disappointed. I wasn't a film maker yet when i saw Ghost of Mars, so i wasn't disappointed is Carpenter for it(for the record Carpenter is my all time favorite film maker and Kevin Smith is a close second) but CLerks inspired me to become a filmmaker, Kevin SMith films are the reason i began to watch bonus features, i love the man, i love his films, his blogs, his webstite, his books, his Evening With Dvds, i love everything about him...except this, this is a black hole, a cloud above his head, a smudge, a fuck up that will not be forgotten, please make Red State watchable, please make Hit Somebody passable, please do your dream project Ranger Danger & the Danger Rangers, and please give me a Clerks 3. Chasing Amy is your greatest film, best shot & written, but Cop Out is just what the title says, a cop out :(

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  1. I always love the analogies that go X was so bad it made Y look like Z. I've never heard North by Northwest being used before. Good job on keeping it original. Oh ya, and this movie did suck.