Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Film News Round Up 4-21-10 Wizard Of Oz
A prequel to Oz gets me excited i must admit, plus with Downey Jr. as the Wizard, count me in. I'd love to see a trippy Oz film come out and kick major ass. Neighbors From Hell
Might be a fun show, for a couple episodes, then it'll just wind up being another Ugly Americans, which is funny but wont last long. Black Pearl
I loved Comic Book the Movie, i love Hamill on interviews, he is one of us, i can get behind this. Batman 3
I'd love to see them do an epic third Batman film, but nothing will top the Dark Knight, but that is not my concern, my concern is 3D, please, please don't make it in 3D. Sure it works for Alice in Wonderland and Clash OF the Titans but not a serious Batman film. WHY SO SERIOUS? IMPORTANT ARTIFACTS
I wasn't big on the Daytrippers but i loved Superbad & really loved Adventureland. I'm not crazy on the plot but i'll give it a chance.

No Zach, Jay & Trejo aren't all we need, Fred Williamson is in it too! Trailer looks great imo!

I've been looking forward to this film for awhile now, trailer is different, but in a good way, Adrian Brody looks like he's gonna be all sorts of awesome in it. Check out Darjeeling Limited and The Brothers Bloom for more awesome Brody flicks!


  1. I'm convinced we've stood behind each other at the same minight movies in a previous life

  2. Were you the prick who tossed a coke at me during Pink Flamingos up in New York?