Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Film News Roundup 4-22-10 Stretch Armstrong
I'm the film is done campy, it might be fun, think a more over the top Flash Gordon, plus add in Stoller as writer and it sounds solid. Sarah Marshal was hillarious & Get Him To The Greek looks like it's out do Marshall. I Dream Of Jeannie
Liked the show, but a movie? I'll pass, t.v. shows adapted into films doesn't work out alot of the times, though A Team looks very fun. Insidious
So far the only film of Wan's i've liked was Saw, but the cast sounds promising plus the plot sounds very intriguing! Friday the 13th Part 2
Even though i was unimpressed with the remake, i still have to say i'm a bummer. I didn't grow up in the 80's to see a new Friday the 13th film every year, so i was looking forward to doing so nowadays. Oh well i;m sure the sequel will eventually be made. Nimoy retires
All i have to say is LIVE LONG & PROSPER!

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