Monday, April 26, 2010

Nightmare On Elm Street 1-8 a look back

So in the past week i've decided to rewatch all the Elm ST films, and they were just as they always have been, entertainment, nothing more nothing less, these aren't reviews just a quick look back. I love slasher films, but not all are GREAT, not all are Halloween. The rest are just fun slasher flicks. But while most slasher flicks are about a man gone nuts, taking a knife & killing off people in a body count style. Nightmare came out in the slasher/vhs boom of the 80's and switched it up. Freddy Krueger was a child murderer who was burnt alive by the parents of Springwood. However he would come back to create his own bodycount but not in the real world, in the dream world.

THe original Nightmare was written & directed by Wes Craven, and was done pretty straight, sure there were some very 80's movie moments that slap you in the face or corny scenes but it wasn't played for jokes, it was meant to scare. Film centers on Nancy & her group of friends killed off one by one in their dreams. When it comes down to Nancy, she has to pull out all the stops to end the murder spree. It seems as if it worked but low & behold she must still be dreaming as her friends are still alive only to have Freddy lock their car. But that is non snense right cause Nancy returns in part 3!

Before we get to 3, we have 2, Freddy's Revenge. Which begins with a very odd yet very well done scene on a school bus, and Freddy getting some kills. This film centers on Jesse, who now lives in Nancy's old room, however he miay or may not be connected to Freddy. Freddy uses him as a patsy of sorts and Jesse begins to kill, but unintentionally doing so. The film kind of falls apart midway through & the ending is pretty lame.

Luckily Part 3 the Dream Warriors picked up the steam. It's more of a straight up sequel to the original & brings back Nancy, who helps out at Westin HIlls Mental Institution. All the main kids have had dreams about Freddy, and this is where Freddy starts to have fun with his kills, including being a puppeteer. This is also the film we meet Freddy's mother.

Part 4 The Dream Master probably has the most likable characters of all the series but unfortunately the film gets on my nerves with the "repeat" scenes especially the "get in the truck i'm driving" bit or however it goes.

Part 5 The Dream Child while trippy & featuring good kills, makes me roll my eyes, mainly because Jacob the character is so fucking annoying.

Part 6 The FInal Nightmare, is fucking awesome, ties up alot of shit, puts an interesting twist on it with the Nightmares going on the road & having the character of Maggie being Freddy's daughter, being the one to kill Freddy, followed by a video montage of the film series.

At the end of Jason Goes to Hell: THe Final Friday, we see Jason's mask pulled into the ground by none other than Freddy Krueger.

Wes Craven returned for The New Nightmare, which brought Freddy back to being a feared individual, albeit the film was about Freddy beign a figment of Wes's imagination(Wes playing himself), who haunts his dreams and might be real, and he is real as he starts to kill people off in real life. The only person who can stop Freddy is Nancy herself Heather Langenkamp .

So Freddy's been gone for a while in 2003, but what happens we finally get Freddy vs Jason, and it's a decent looking film, with a good chunk of inside jokes thrown in for hardcore geeks.

This Friday the remake comes out, i shall see it, review it & even if it sucks, will hope for sequels just so i can see a sequel every year or two just like back in the 80's.

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