Monday, April 5, 2010

Film News Roundup Star War sitcom
WTF? Seriously wtf? I mean i get George wanting to milk his product, but a sitcom? I couldn't get into the Clone Wars, or any of the new films for that matter, so how can an animated sitcom work? The adventures of R2D2 & C3PO? Lando & Han, the early years chasing pussy? AHHH, well it's be interesting atleast.

Looks like a Bret Easton Ellis book, but it's not, looks interesting i guess, will probably Red Box it.

Heard mixed things on it, but i think it looks great, Adrian Brody is awesome! Ghostbusters 3
Who didn't see this coming?

Looks interesting

Didn't mind the first, the second wasn't good, the third was worse, why will i see this one? Fuck if i know, but i most likely will. Akira
Book of Eli was entertaining, atleast Denzel was entertaining, but Akira is like the only anime that matters. Metropolis
I see films from the past at midnight all the time, fuck there's a theatre here that plays older films everyday, Fathom Events does it too, so why is this so special, wll it's extended, i want to see it on the big screen., it's Metropolis! Red Sonja
Fox is kind of hot, but McGowan is hotter, not that it has anythign to do with actign skills, i'm just saying. I do like McGowan the actress though, been in some cool flicks over the years.

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