Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kick Ass

So i saw Kick Ass Thursday night at a 10:00 showing, so pre midnight, crowd was pumped in the small line for it, and i was ubber pumped, being a huge fan of the comic. Were there changes> Yes, of course, but they were pretty good i thought.

Film begins much like the comic with a lone individual attempting to fly off a building only to land on a car, if you've seen most of the the trailers, you've seen the spot. The camera pans and shows the license plate, revealing the title of the film, from there it just gets better with a comic book font in the corner of the screen.

We meet Dave(Aaron Johnson) a high school geek who does geeky shit with his two friends Marty & Todd(Clark Duke & Evan Peters), being ignored by chicks at school and reading comics after school, that when he comes up with the idea to live out his fantasy's and become a super hero.

He gets a wet suit, and goes on the look for crime, while trying to stop a car jacking he gets stabbed, but he soon gets better and returns to school. While back, his crush Katie(Lyndsy Fonseca), begins to befriend him, thinking he is gay. Dave goes along with it in an attempt to get close to her. One night he goes on the look for a cat only to wind up saving a man from a mugging, the incident was recorded and posted online, which leads to huge fan fare for Dave;s new alter ego, KICK ASS!

We also meet Mindy & Damon Macready(Chloƫ Grace Moretz & Nicholas Cage) aka Hit Girl & Big Daddy, a daughter, father combination whose love is very tough, as Damon shoots Mindy in the chest with a gun(her in a bullet proof vest of course). Damon used to be a cop(something that was in the comic but reveled to be a little different in the comic), but was framed & sent to prison due to crime boss Frank D'Aminco(Mark Strong), while there his wife overdosed but luckily teir child was unharmed). Once released he swore revenge and trained Cindy in to becoming a vigilante killer!

Frank is a cocaine king of the city, alot of his group are taken out by Big Daddy & Hit Girl(though he & his syndicate believe it is Kick Ass), including Hit Girl's debut saving Kick Ass from a gang of thugs, in a very brilliant string a decapitations & stabbings! Franks gets pissed at all this and wants Kick Ass taken down, so his detached son Chris(Christopher Mintz-Plasse) comes up with a plan to become a superhero himself, named Red Mist. He sets up a trap at his dad's warehouse but Bid Daddy get there before anything goes down and kills off all the goons & sets the place on fire. Chris shows his dad a surveillance tape and a new plot is set up to take out Big Daddy. ''Dave admits to Katie that he's Kick Ass & not gay, they gets turned on and asks him to stay the night(the comic would have a rougher end to his confession). Another plan is set, and this one almost works, Red Mist turns on Kick Ass by by shooting Hitgirl and letting Big Daddy & Kick Ass get kidnapped. THe two get tortured & beaten until the lights go out & HIt Girl goes all Predator on everyone by sniping them out before making the final save(but with a loss of course).

Kick Ass & Hit Girl agree to seek revenge, she slaughters more, he uses a jetpack, and a final showdown between them & the D'Aminco's is on resulting is Frank being shot by a bazooka. Dave & Marty both wind up with some pussy, Mindy begins to go to school, and Red Mist is shown plotting his own revenge.

The cast is just right, Aaron Johnson is in the same vein as Jesse Eisenberg & Michael Cera(though Cera isn't nearly as good as Eisenberg). Nicholas Cage is fucing awesome yet again, after Bad Lieutenant 2 i knew Cage was on the right track, and i fucking loved his Adam West channeling he did. Christopher Mintz-Plasse is no longer McLovin after this, he's Christopher Mintz-Plasse. And Chloƫ Grace Moretz steals the show, everytime she appears as Hit Girls she's either being a badass smartass or giving the audience geekgasms by going Beatrix Kiddo on everyone, he scenes are so well built, pure awesomeness. The music choices are great aswell, and you'll notice some spaghetti western sounds aswell as the kick ass(no pun intended) 28 Days/Weeks Later score. I've seen the film twice, twice in 24 hours, i loved it both times, it may not be better than Shutter Island but it's just as enjoyable, as those are the only films i've loved so far this year(along with Hot Tub Time Machine). Read the comics, check the film out, hope for a sequel, oh and btw, this was an independent film! Smoke on that Spider Man.

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  1. can i have a spray tan, with only one glove... please. zing! good overall movie!