Sunday, April 11, 2010


So i finally got around to seeing Deadsnow, did a blind buy on dvd, it was worth it.

Film is about a group of friends who camp at a cabin, only to have Nazi zombies, or nazombies as i like to call them, come and hunt them down. Now these zombies are smart & can run but aren't necessarily flesh eaters, though the virus is transferable. All the nazombies want are coins, so they're like Mario. The gore scenes are great as are the music choices, the story & dialogue is soso but the gore is top notch! That's really all there is to say, short review yes, but it was a very fun film, not quite like Shockwaves, but still very fun.

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  1. The thing I didn't like about this movie was all the early references to how it was a movie. It is just heavy handed and a movie needs to be really clever to pull this off, which Dead Snow was not. Glad you enjoyed it though. I knew right away I wasn't the audience for it.