Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day of the Dead

SO we survived the night, welcomed the Dawn, now must tackle the day. Day of the Dead is Romero's most Love it or Hate it zombie film, and those that love it, often times say it's his best. It's close, very clse to being his best, but i still must go with Dawn. Dawn was a huge success in the realm of horror cinema, and plenty of Fangoria readers were anxious to see the next chapter.

The zombies have pretty much taken over, street are abandoned, alligators are roaming around , we meet Sarah, John, Bill & Miguel(Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, Jarlath Conroy & Anthony Dileo Jr), who have left their millitary base in hope of finding survivors or solace. Once at the base we meet Captain Rhodes(Joe Pilato) and his men(including Greg Nicotero). Tension immedietly rise, as Sarah's people are more men of science, where Rhodes's are soldiers and believe the others are getting in the way, screwing things up & wasting time & efforts. One of the things Rhodes believes to be a waste of time is Dr. Logan's(Richard Liberty) experiments. Logan believes we can teach zombies to be a tad civil, and his greatest test subject is Bub(Sherman Howard), a zombie who remembers toothbrushes, razors, books, telephones, millitary salutes and most importantly the use of fire arms. It's later revealed that Logan has been feeding Bub, pieces of Rhodes' men, so Rhodes seeks revenge by shooting him to death. The zombies make their way in, and chaos breaks loose, Miguel sacrifices himself to save his friens, Rhodes' sacrifices his friends to save himself, and those that did wrong get what was coming for them. Rhodes' ultimately gets shot by Bub and feasted upon by the horde of zombies, but still manages to tell them all the CHOKE ON EM. Sarah, Bill & John make their way to a helicopter where they fly to the safety of a beach. Night had a gloomy ending, Dawn had a unknown ending and Day almost came full circle by having the closest thing to a happy ending as you could think of for a zombie film. Romero does a great job of making it seem & look like civilization has come to an end, but even in the end of days, there is a light. Romero also tackles military ruling in this chapter, and almost foreshadows the events to come in Land.

BTW at all cost avoid the sequel & the remake, the remake features spider man zombies, and as cool as that sounds, is just retarded to watch.

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