Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Nightmare On Elm Street

For films i'm not anticipating i usually go in with low expectations. So low that i enjoyed X Men 3 when i first saw it, and yes i have learned my lesson as the flick does not hold up upon a second viewing, and i went in to Elm ST with low expectations aswell.

I'm against remakes, there is no reason to remake a film, either it is shot for shot and that is very pointless(Psycho) or the characters are changed so much that you could have called it by a different name(Dawn of the Dead). Sure there are some remakes that are superior to the original , like The Thing, or are just plain good, like The Last HOuse on the Left but most remakes are horrible. Take Platinum Dunes for example, they remade Texas Chainsaw Massacre(actually wasn't too bad imo), The Amityville Horror(pretty bad), Texas Chainsaw Massacre the Beginning(not really a remake but a prequel to one regardless, one of the worse films i've ever seen), The Hitcher(much like Amityville it had a good cast but it was very fucking bad), and Friday the 13th(liked that they tried to make Jason intense aand gritty but it ultimately failed with me). So yeah my expectations for Elm ST were low, and it kinda worked, cause i actually liked it.

The film kind of does a psycho switch by playing it like this character Kris(Katie Cassidy) is gonna be the lead, we all know Nancy is the lead but i like how they did it. Kris winds up dieing the same way Tina did in the original. As each of the main kids die, the two leads Nancy & Quentin(Rooney Mara & Kyle Gallner) learn that they all went to pre school together and that Freddy was the care taker, he loved the kids, but loved them too much. So Freddy is killing off all the kids now in their dreams, i feel redundant for saying that as i'm sure everyone knows that already. They decide to bring Freddy in to the real world, and works and Nancy quotes & re-enacts Freddy Vs Jason by saying WELCOME TO WORLD and then slicing Freddy's neck(granted in FvJ she cuts his head off). Nancy is back at home when Freddy breaks comes from a mirror, kills Nancys mom and pulls her into the mirror, the end.

My main gripe wit hthe film is how the kids are unaware of the history of Freddy, you think if something traumatic happened, that they would've remembered it. Also how the fuck the Nancy's mom die, if Nancy was taking the micro nap? Maybe the mirror acted as a vessel, i'm probably wrong but i don't care it's still something. I actually didn't mind seeing this remade. There was no reason to remake Halloween, the Michael Myers character was never treated as a joke, sure the films declined but Michael was always Michael. They could've just done a sequel to Halloween, but they couldn't just do a sequel to Elm Street. Each sequel got cheesier & cheesier, Freddy went from evil with a sense of humor, to a comedic character who killed for fun. Freddy needed a revamp, and Jackie Earle Haley did a pretty good job imo. Was it great, fuck no, was it entertaining, i thought so.

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