Monday, May 31, 2010

Survival of the Dead

So since Survival never opened in Omaha last week i decided to watch in On Demand, and i liked it. Is it flawed? Oh yes, yes it is but it feels so much more like a Romero zombie film than Land & Diary did, it's not as good as his original trilogy but it is no where as bad as people have said it is.

It's the story of Sgt. Crocket(Alan van Sprang)and his troops wh odecide to take off and find a place to live out their lives, they stumble across a kid, who i don't believe was ever named. He shows them a video for an island, an island where to waring families are at odds, the Muldoon's and the O'Flynns, Muldoon wants to keep zombies alive and use them for work and attempt to get them to eat animals. O'Flynn & the troops arrive to the island and some get killed others chose to die instead of becoming zombies, a battle line is drawn and chaos ensues. There are soem pretty contrived moments & cliche pieces of dialogue but i'm not going to nit pick, as the film as a whole was quite enjoyable.

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  1. I didnt catch this one on VOD but I am still willing to give it a chance on DVD, it just better not be another DIARY...