Sunday, May 9, 2010

Iron Man 2

So friday i went to see Iron Man 2, and i quite enjoyed it, soem moments more than others.

It starts off with Whiplash(Mickey Rourke) watching as his father dies, he dad was felt to have been "screwed over" by Howard Stark decades earlier, as this is happening Tony Stark is admitting to being Iron Man on t.v.. We then skip ahead 6 months later as Iron Man is headed to the Stark Expo, while leaving he is subpoenaed to court to hand over the Iron Man suit. Tony uses his with & humor to avoid handing it over, not thrilled is Justin Hammer(Sam Rockwell) who is a competitor weapons dealer and wants to see Stark go down.

Throughout the film they play up Stark's alcoholism and in one scene while Pepper Potts(Gweneth Paltrow) accuses him of beign drunk, he decides to make he CEO. While filling out paperwork with Natalie Rushman(Scarlette Johansson) he decides she'd make a great assistant . Tony then goes to have a race car lap when he is attacked by whiplash, who is arrested and taken to jail. Hammer decides to get him out by faking his death, and grants him resources to make a suit better than Iron Man.

Meanwhile TOny Stark is on a downward spiral, both physically from Iron Man & from alcohol, while drunk at a party James Rhodes(Don Cheadle) suits up in a Mark 2 Iron Man suit and the two duke it out, leading Rhodes to take off with the suit & hand it over to the U.S. Military. Nicky Fury demands Stark gets his head together and make a better suit, and find new elements. He does just so, and just in time, as Hammer is unleashing Whiplashes suits(droids) at the Expo. Rhodes as War machine & Iron Man must then face off with both the droids and Whiplash. After the credits is a great moment, as Agent Coulson(Clark Greg) of SHIELD finds a crater which holds mjolnir, the mother fucking hammer of THOR!

While the film did have soem eye rolling moments, overall it was a fun film which was actually pretty character driven. Rourke & Rockwell are great in it, and it was cool to see Happy Hogan(John Favreau) get alot more lines of dialogue & even soem fight scenes, Rushman/Black Widow was kick ass as a kick ass chick taking down bad guys in a hallway, unfortunately this came out 3 weeks after Hit Girl & Kick Ass, but it's unfair to compare the two.

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