Saturday, May 1, 2010

Film News Round Up: BATMAN 3! BATMAN 3! BATMAN 3!!!!!!!!
FUCK YES, mother fucking fuck yes! How fucking golden is this! The Dark Knight is my favorite film in the past 11 years, it's a geeks wet dream, Martin Scorsese's comic book film if you will, so brilliantly made, with one of the best casts of all time! Anchorman 2
Opposite feeling, i love Anchorman and would wish for a sequel, perhaps one will be made by 2014, that way it'll be an exact 10 years later for the characters. The Dark TOwer
I own all the books but the last, waiting to get that one before i indulge in some Stephen Kingery! Walking Dead
Good fucking choice, i lost interest in Prison Break during season 2 but great casting imo.

Super pumped for this flick!

Looks all sorts of badass. Just hope DC continues with the awesome flicks.

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