Thursday, May 20, 2010

Film News Round Up 5-21-10 Fire & Ice
Never has seen the animated film, but Rodriguez seems passionate about it so perhaps it'll be pretty cool, no where as cool as Machete will be though. Comic Con Episode 4
Badass! I'm gonna be there! Rise of the Apes
Hmm, I really like Franco, but i still hate this idea, meh, better han Mark Wahlberg. Ricky Stanicky
I heard the writer and passed then i read the plot, not to shabby. Looney Toons
I usualy don't post T.V. related things, but all i can say is FUCK. Surrender Dorothy
I'm all for an oz sequel! my Soul To Take
Just when i was excited to see the film, i hear it's in 3d. Hey who knows maybe it'll lend itself to the film, maybe maybe not, I'm still keeping an open mind. Avengers
Holy shit! I can only hope! Plus it'll explain the lack of Norton. Martin Scorsese & George Harrison!
YES! First Nowhere Boy, now this, great time to be a Beatles fan & cinephile!

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