Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Film News Round Up Cinco De Mayo

Sure i did one for today, but that was at like midnight, 22 hours later i'm back, same day, different title. Kick Ass 2
I've been awaiting the second book for a little bit now, and a second film would be just as kick ass(sorry for the pun). I don't even care if a second film isn't made as long as i get a second book. The film thought was the most fun i've had in theatres since Grindhouse. Die Hard 5
I didn't hatre Die Hard 4, but it didn't feel liek a Die Hard flick, not at all. It was fun but it didn't have the fierceness that the others had. This Man
Very fucking cool, i was sent the site a while back, thought it was intriguing, never thought it'd be a film though. I loved the Strangers so i hope this comes true. Walking Dead
More fine casting, i'm very excited, very excited for this series to begin.

Looks very good, Casey is a damn fine actor, trailer is very well cut

I haven't read the screenplay but i've heard it's very intense & balls to the wall. This teaser was nice in my opinion, but i'm still not sold on why a remake was needed.

Geekgasm 100% So fucking excited for this flick.


  1. Nice. All three of those have me interested. THE KILLER INSIDE ME looks very promising. I'm hoping that Jessica Alba stretches herself a bit with these roles...literally.