Monday, May 10, 2010

Friday the 13th series a look back

So after i did my look back on Nightmare on Elm Street, i decided to rewatch all the Friday the 13th Films aswell. Both are fun series and sure Freddy gets more innovative kills, but Jason and his mama to me were always the more entertaining of the series. Perhaps it was because the Friday series didn't become comedy, it just became camp, well maybe Jason Takes Manhattan.

Friday the 13th
A group of camp counselors(including Kevin Bacon) are killed off by an unseen killer, one we don't see until the end, Pamela Voorhees(bestsy Palmer) arrives, and at first we believe she is okay, helping out poor final girl Alice(Adriane King) but we soon realize, we just fucked with the wrong mexican...shit wrong movie, we soon realize that she is the killer. She watched as two counselors made loved while a young boy died...that boy was her son Jason, and today is his birthday. Alice chops off her head and gets on a boat, soon after Jason emerges from the water and attacks, but it may have all been a dream, cause the cops found no boy, which means, he's still out there.

Friday the 13th Part 2
Alice finally gets killed by Jason who wears a sack over his head for most of the film. Also our new final girl Ginny(Amy Steel) keeps having flashes of being chased through the woods...surprise it's Jason, and after another body count, Ginny gets to Jasons cabin and pretends to be Mama Voorhees, in order to attack Jason with a machete. That isn't gonna kill him, for fuck sake he'll probably hop through a window and grab your boyfriend at the end...oh shit that actually happens.

Friday the 13th IN 3D
w yes 3D shots of yard equipment, popcorn & joints, what more could you ask for? How a bout a hockey mask, not just any hockey mask...but Shelly's hockey mask. See Shelly(Larry Zerner) and his friends have decided to go camping, Jason decides to go too, and kills em all off, well except Chris(Dana Kimmell) who smack a machete into his, floats away, it grabbed by Pamela, wakes up to reveal a dream, not the whole film just the final scene.

Friday the 13th Part 4 The Final Chapter
Jason is at a morgue and not very happy, don't try to embalm the living, so he goes back to the wood where lil mask maker Tommy Jarvis(Corey Feldman) and his family live, also on site is the best dancer in town Jimmy(Crispin Glover) and his friends attempt to get laid, all while watching old school "Porn" and laughing the night away, well atleast Ted(Lawrence Monoson ) laughs the night away. The hero in this film isn't a chick though like previous Firday's, it's not even a teenager, it's a preteen, Tommy Jarvis decides to cut his hair for some reason and slice Jason's head open repeatedly while screaming DIE. It's kinda fucked up, learn to shave your head properly & quit saying die ya lil spook.

Friday the 13th Part 5 A New Beginning
Tommy Jarvis is in a mental institution, where a Jason copy cat pop up to kill people, we know he's a copy cat cause he wears blue marks, not red, Jason hates blue marks on his mask. At the end it looks like Tommy himself is gonna becoem a killer but part 6 proves us wrong.

Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives
The coolest Jason has ever looked, and the first time Jason becomes ubber strong & an undead killer. Jason is all rotted when Tommy Jarvis digs him up and a lightning bolt hits him. Maggots cover his face and he wants to kill. The film has excellent f/x plus it is almost self aware, it has alot of fun, such as the scene with the couple discussing not trusting a man in a mask or the 007 opening. My personal favorite of the series.

Friday the 13th Part 7 The New Blood
Not really a fan, it's Jason vs Carrie

Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan
It's Jason on a boat, ON A BOAT MOTHA FUCKER, then in the last half hour or so gets to Manhattan. He turns into a crying child, yeah, that's about it.

New Line then took over, and i dig their first Friday flick

Jason Goes to Hell: The FInal Friday

This one is very self aware, but it's not slapping you in the face, plus Jason is only in the first about 10 minutes and about the final 15 minutes. His spirit hops into others bodies. Oh Freddy Krueger appears and takes Jasons mask under ground.

Jason in space, unique kills but uses alot of cgi, don't hate me but i liked it.

Freddy vs Jason
Yeah Jason X was pretty much fogotten about, they pulled an H20 on it, and we got Freddy Vs Jason, it's probably the best looking of all the Friday's and Elm Streets, well close atleast, and has a pretty good script imo, nothign great but has a good chunk of in jokes.

Haven't seen the remake since it was in theatres, don't plan on revisiting it again anytime soon either.
Jason X

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