Sunday, May 23, 2010

LOST Finale Thoughts

SO there were some shows i watched end like Seinfeld, that i didn't watch fro mthe beginning. Then there were shows i watched that only lasted one season, Undeclared, or were treated like a piece of shit, Arrested Development. Of course there were other shows i just gave up on, and then there are cartoons like South Park & Family Guy, that are still going strong, but there is only one LOST.

I can't describe the whole show on here as it'd take too long, i can't even review each season or episode, as A) it'd take alot of time to review each one by viewing them again(which i will do thanks to my dvd's). The show is too complex and brain fucked to put into words. But i'll give my quick thoughts on the finale. I loved it, i loved that the flash sideways, alternate universe was them in limbo. I loved that Ben sacrificed himself to save Hurley(albeit he didn't die like i thought he would've). I knew that Hurley would be the candidate, and i loved the went that route. Now in the church at the end, i didn't see Michael or Walt, Ecko or Anna Lucia, at first i thought it was perhaps because three of them had killed people, but then again so did Sawyer & Kate. So i don't know what was up with that, but i don't really care, as i hated Anna & Walt, Michael was just ok, i did like Ecko though. Perhaps it was that non of them were important to the other characters, that's my guess atleast. Plus how did you get to be at the church? Cause it wasn't via the plane since Desmond & Penny were there. My belief since i didn't see Daniel was since he was the son of Ellie & Charles, that he couldn't have gone, and since his true love was Charolate, that she couldn't have gone either. Then there is Ben, who i believe decided to stay to be with Danielle & Alex. I loved that good & evil were blurred, and people could make up their own minds, i loved the characters, i loved the writing, i loved everything, i love that this is the only show i put up there with my favorite films. Thank you LOST, you'll be missed!

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