Monday, May 24, 2010

Diary of the Dead

So i didn't get to see the first 3 Dead films in theatres obviously, but i did get to see Land, which i loved finally getting the chance to say, i've seen Romero Zombies first run in theatres. I waited for Diary, but it never came, so when that dvd came out, my uncle rushed out to buy it, why didn't I? I played the waiting game, and am kind of glad i did. I watched it that that, and was disappointed , highly disappointed, I took it home, watched it a second time, and felt embarrassed, highly embarrassed, then i checked it out again months later, HATED IT. Now the waiting game had ended, as a couple months ago i bought a $5 copy from Wal Mart, why did i buy it? Because it's a Romero Zombie film to add to my collection and it was so cheap. SO i popped it in the player, and liked it, liked it alot. I watched it again yesterday to top off my Of The Dead viewings i've done the past few days. Well the film is enjoyable, but it truly is a mess. It follows a group of film students making a mummy flick, as a zombie outbreak happens, Jason(Joshua Close) wants everything documented but his girlfriend Debra(Michelle Morgan) is highly against it. The "found footage" style fails in the film, as they use various cameras, including surveillance cameras, and a cell phone, a cell phone that has a tight shot of the phone as opposed to the cameras point of view. The characters even add music to the footage, i mean come on what the fuck? As far as the characters go, they're all likeable, but not memorable. THe one character i wanted to spend more time with was Samuel, the death mute amish fella. Romero even has semi spun off Diary wiht Survival, what with the Colonel and all. The gore scenes are good but Romero has developed a strong taste for CGI, and there is no real story ark is the film, it's almost like it's just there, but it was an experiment of sorts for Romero so i respect that. He also took us back to the beginning where the outbreak first happens, even hearing an audio clip from Night, speaking of audio there are plenty of cameos, including Quentin Tarantino, so listen up! Here's hoping Survival plays in your town!


  1. Ive only given this one two chances, and it failed in each. It is so far from believable, and far behind the times when QUARANTINE, CLOVERFIELD, etc have already come in and dominated the found footage films. Maybe the 5th time will pay off?

  2. Well as i said, my first 3 were bad, the 4th was good but the 5th was a lil of both. and yes, it is far from believable.