Sunday, May 2, 2010

Film News Round Up 5-2-10 Deadly Friend
Sure the original wasn't the greatest but i have to call it out...3D, Really? Also if you haven't seen it, go to Big Lots, it's only $3. Elm Street 2
3D already? I thought it was supposed to be gritty, 3D just doesn't pop gritty to me. Already in the works eh? Wasn't Friday the 13th Part 2 already in the works at one time or another. I'm sure both will be made, eventually. Martin 2
WTF? Doubt if it'll come to pass, but i think it'd be a interesting attempt to say the least. Would be pretty cool to have Martin 2 made, even if it's straight to disk.

Was unaware of this film, all i can say is wtf. We're spoofing comedies now? I mean doing it on Family Guy is one thing but doing a spoof film, spoofing Apatow flicks? What are they gonna do, talk about sex & smoke pot? Yeah probably, no convention to really spoof here.

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