Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Film News Roundup 5-5-10 Captain America
Perfect Casting! Super 8
According to Bloody Disgusting, it will be a Cloverfield prequel, we'll see, the movie goers response will be interesting to say the least. Cowboys & Aliens
This flick couldn't sound any cooler. Prisoner of Denver
Trgic how it happened but atleast there was the reversal, i'm a huge Hunter S fan, and will be closely looking for more info about this. The War Horse
WW1 films are rarely made these, so it might be refreshing to see. Inferno
I can see it, that is all. More news CUMMING! Uncharted
I've played the game at my friends, wasn't that good at ti, he beat it like day he got it, or a couple days after, whichever. But i liek David O Russell, not the man himself perse but the director. JGL Double Feature
It's no secret, i'm a fan of Joseph Gordon Levitt, while Premium Rush sounds ok, just a generic action flick, Loopers sounds amazing. Now idk how time traveling can work to kill yourself in the future if the future is not yet written. But i love Rian Johnson, Brick was great, and the Brothers Bloom was one of my favorite films of last year. Meet The Haunteds
So it's like the opposite of 2001 Maniacs The Mummy Archives
Sounds very cool, i'm very exceited that the "low budget" thing is sticking around as it looked like Avatar was gonna change all that.

And lastly
It's not news but it brings a meaning to geekgasm!

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