Monday, May 10, 2010

Film News round up 5-11-10 Fright Night
I've heard this one is darker in tone, so i'm not 100% against it, but i still think remaes re pointless for the most part. Colin Farrell however has been very awesoem the past couple of years. Killer ELite
Sounds badass Captain America
Argh, 3d is pissing me off. Judge Dredd
I'll admit to havign a guilty pleasure thing for the Sly version, but it wasn't Judge Dredd from the comics, hopefully this one will be balls to the wall A flick with Danny McBride & Aziz Ansari
McBride is comic gold in film, and Aziz has become one of my favorite stand ups, please go buy Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening! Man with the Iron Fist
Sounds cool to me, i could always go for some vintage feeling martial arts flicks! Iron Man 3

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